Worldwide Baggage Delivery from Store

Worldwide Baggage Delivery from Store

We can ship your belongings anywhere worldwide for a competitive price. We can deliver direct to residence or to your preferred airport for collection. Complete the below quote enquiry form and then drop-off your baggage off at any of our left luggage locations & pay in-store. Just quote the reference number provided in the quote email when you arrive. Excess are located at more than 30 airport & city centre rail station locations around the UK. If you prefer you can get a quote in-store on the day.

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We can supply you with export strength cartons or you can send your own suitcases / boxes.

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Our cartons are double-walled and available in a range of sizes.

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If you are unsure of the specific dimensions of your items, you can select from typical dimensions of commonly shipped items.

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If you'd prefer to use the specific dimensions of your boxes or suitcases please enter them below.

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